Aleksi, 16, Canada, lesbian. Have you stolen my identity yet?
I uh.. I like comedic ladies and trying to write stand up material that is incredibly mediocre but I mean that's okay.
You'll see a lot of Tina Fey stuff here bc she is the queen, along with music things and this blog is just a giant clusterfuck get out while you can, save yourself!
OH AND BEFORE I FORGET, I might post really bad drawings I'm so sorry.
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    why do adult people care about defeating kids in an argument. what is there to possibly gain from that. congratulations you made a kid cry i hope you fall in mud you meaninglessly gruesome wall smell 

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  • Amy said she trusted me, that I would know the right thing to say on her behalf…

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    Going to bed on the last day of summer vacation


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    Courtney Love gets a ride from a stranger as she leaves Chateau Marmont on August 28th, 2014.

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    just imagine being brody dalle 

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